Ten Of Swords

All About Ten Of Swords, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Ten Of Swords Description

The Ten of Swords is a painful card and one of the most feared of the suit cards. Often endings are painful whether it’s the end of a relationship or the failure of a project. Time heals all wounds and once the healing process has completed we can move on with a clear vision and a clean slate.

Often when endings are painful the hurt is accompanied by a sense of relief because the situation had become unbearable.

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Ten Of Swords Upright

Accidents pain, mourning, desolation, Your mind takes you to true madness. You have had thoughts of envy and jealousy that have led you to this situation. Stop torturing yourself and try to calm your mind Torture of yourself. Only you are responsible for the situation and only you can change it. Disappointment from friends, weak person who is easily sick. Emotionally it indicates to us that it has clairvoyant power. Rivalries pains afflictions, anguish, deprivation, weeping, misery, desolation. It can also indicate a step from the negative to the positive. It also comes before great successes or great economic victories, sports successes.

Ten Of Swords Reversed

Success and ephemeral power, mental chaos, violent change, confused and reckless ideas, weakness, physical, death. There are chances to win in the game and be successful but bad news can be presented.

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