Three Of Swords

All About Three Of Swords, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Three Of Swords Description

The Three of Swords symbolizes sorrow, often caused by a separation. Any negative undercurrents will surface and feelings will erupt. Although this card symbolizes conflict and sadness; there is also an element of cleansing.

Once these issues are confronted progression can begin, we can’t progress if we’re feeling frustrated and harboring negative feelings.

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Three Of Swords Upright

These very sad negative thoughts obscure your mind. There is no glimmer of hope. Something is over forever, tears, misfortunes, separations, fights, obstacles in business and love, evil instincts and estrangement. With JUSTICE, favorable decision; with the XIII death. Absence definitive rupture, antipathy, disappointment, medical emergency. Contagiousness by blood transfusion. Loss of a loved one, sad disappointment in love, Expenses for sickness, legal problems for those who dedicate themselves to the medical profession.

Three Of Swords Reversed

Errors and losses, poor health, obstacles and setbacks, mental derangement. Inverted increases its negativity, violent rupture. Along with swords madness and excessive violence. Health.- tendency to suffer from cancer in the respiratory tract. Amputation. Complaint. Love lost forever. Definitive and painful rejection, crisis in the economy. Traps in business. Corruption and bribery.

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