Eight Of Swords

All About Eight Of Swords, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Eight Of Swords Description

The Eight of Swords represents a state of bondage and restriction; we might find ourselves in an unhappy situation that we can’t get out of. Or we have to make a choice or decision but we’re caught in a catch 22 situation. You could say "stuck between a rock and a hard place".

Clear thinking is needed and fears have to be confronted. The long term consequences should be considered and action taken as we cannot remain bound forever.

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Eight Of Swords Upright

Anguish and disappointment, envy and censure. Bad news, times of crisis. Hastío, Force that chains all this leads to great spiritual strengthening. Balanced reasoning Exposed to criticism, you must make a decision, difficult moment, danger of falling into trials and losing them. Serious hazards of accidents. A misfortune may happen to you. Surgery. It can attract contempt for the couple. Abandonment of children, relationship only by sexual interest, serious disputes in marriage. Opportunity to reach wealth or fall into ruin, good letter for sex business.

Eight Of Swords Reversed

Beware of legal matters, be clear or you will be in jail. Hard work and poorly paid, betrayal, opposition unexpected difficulties. Criminal trend of the consultant. Vices of gambling. Bad luck bad companies. Conflicts. Go head to the danger. Declared drug addiction. Confinement due to physical illness, possibility of spreading the disease. Abandonment of the couple.

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