Page Of Swords

All About Page Of Swords, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Page Of Swords Description

The Page of Swords represents communication whether it’s verbal exchange or written correspondence. This can also be the communication of an idea or spreading the word. There may even be idle chit chat which leads to gossip.

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Page Of Swords Upright

Represents children under 21 years of dark complexion and hair. Wrestlers Next event, person with a gift for business, subtle and clever and vigilant, a good letter for merchants. Indicates good health calculation in general. You make your decisions according to your common sense and let yourself be influenced little by your feelings. You are always in search of change. You promise a lot and you do little. Your love of freedom is great. Congenital malformation of the bony system especially in the knees. Little stability in love, sexual adventures, love off. Fear of rejection. Expenses in luxury and in unnecessary whims little saving.

Page Of Swords Reversed

Vengeful person, impotence in the psyches. Care can be a person without moral and vengeful. Unforeseen diseases. Bruises and dangerous wounds with knives. Hepatic insufficiency, ambiguity with the couple. Inability to interest the opposite sex. Despite the risks you will earn very little money. The best unemployed inspectors.

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