Six Of Swords

All About Six Of Swords, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Six Of Swords Description

When the Six of Swords appears it brings with it relief and respite after a period of stress or conflict. The worst is over and although there may still be a few obstacles to tackle, life will start to improve.

Sometimes this card reflects a physical move away from a bad situation, maybe a holiday is in order.

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Six Of Swords Upright

Removal of pain or problems, long trips and even by sea. Fight to get out of a situation, success after problems or anxiety, someone who helps us get out of that situation. Force to solve problems. Your advice helps. Your mind becomes clear. New door for the consultant. Improvement in hypertension problems. Acquisition of intestinal worms or parasites. Displacement to find distant love. Trip to start. New job. Good money circulation. There are no disorders or impediments

Six Of Swords Reversed

Lack of health, psychic confusion, confession or confusing statement. Study trip. Mentality that matures. Medical discovery that favors your health. Declaration of love, reception of a loving gift. Charisma for love. Positive letter in the work related to advertising. Communication.

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