Queen Of Swords

All About Queen Of Swords, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Queen Of Swords Description

The Queen of Swords is an idealist, she is highly principled and can’t bear to see injustice in the world. She can come across as a little stern and unapproachable but this is probably because she follows her head not her heart.

The Queen of Swords is highly perceptive and has the ability to look at the bigger picture and remain objective. She is a good honest friend and can offer valuable advice even if it is somewhat blunt and direct.

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Queen Of Swords Upright

Represents the widowed or separated woman over 35 years of brown hair. Sometimes it can be the mother-in-law. Intelligent and complex person, skillful stubborn and jealous. Indicates sterility moments of grief and shame Adverse destiny with alternations, since his past was rich in adventures, hardness of spirit. Widowhood separation, intellectual loneliness, abandonment, emotional mourning, cruelty, deprivation, also ingenuity, cunning, desire to start over. Indicates smell for business. Convenience marriages. The desire for change impels you and that creates you a reputation for infidelity. Your world is intellectual-spiritual and again and again you are interested in new areas of knowledge. Experiences and knowledge do not sink deep into you.

Queen Of Swords Reversed

Care can be revenge, person who makes life impossible for the next. Grudge, sectarianism, deceit, prudery, intolerant character, narrow mind. You will be asked to be a mediator in economic matters.

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