Two Of Swords

All About Two Of Swords, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Two Of Swords Description

The Two of Swords represents a situation of tension we could find ourselves in the middle of some conflict and whilst we’d prefer to sit on the fence we a pulled by two opposing forces.

Something has to give but the dilemma has us suspended, attempting to maintain a balance with no obvious move available.

In these situations we need to face our dilemma head, take the bull by the horns and follow our instincts.

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Two Of Swords Upright

The full moon shines in the sky and sends you its magical light. Time to dream maybe you think about finding a lover. Externally quiet but in your dreams you are agitated. Balance and firmness, resolved differences, brotherhood in weapons or in esoteric orders, truce in fights or wars, union and agreements. News from abroad. Friendship cordiality, help and confidence. Communication with an old friend. Important phone call. Bad breathing habits, happy stage in marriage, sensitivity and sexual fantasy, if you go with the king of gold support and monetary aid. Next to the king of clubs will propose a good job. Next to the king of glasses a good offer. Together with the king of swords he will be freed from heavy tasks.

Two Of Swords Reversed

Lies and disloyalty bad faith, advice that is still wrong, Intentional. Betrayal of a friend. Liposuction, nose plastic surgery, extraction of tonsils. Deceit and infidelity of the couple with friend. Money.- small theft. Illegal companies with low yields. Economic deception Sexual manipulation

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