Seven Of Swords

All About Seven Of Swords, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Seven Of Swords Description

The Seven of Swords warns there may be unknown opposition working against you. This card reflects evasive behavior and avoidance; somebody may have an ulterior motive.

There are times when it pays to avoid direct confrontation; some situations require diplomacy and tact. This card may signify a need for us to be shrewd.

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Seven Of Swords Upright

Great efforts in spite of being insecure, giving hope in the triumph. Short trips, change of work or housing. Plans and hopes in them. Discordias and annoyances. It announces good trends but you have to be alert. Physically healthy but excess of adrenaline. Attempt of love conquest. Hope to find the ideal love. If you have a high economic position, you will fail. Strong difficulties to get a better position at work. You are entangled in heavy dreams. There may also be drugs in play.

Seven Of Swords Reversed

Receive good advice and not know how to hear it. Confusion indecision, too many ideas at once. Reluctance to start again, lack of energy. Nice news Twists, traps, good health in general, strong marriage bonds. Triumph in love Constructive reproaches of the couple. Good economic trends, comfortable life but not comfortable.

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