Nine Of Swords

Nine Of Swords Card In Tarot - Tarot Card Meanings

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Nine Of Swords

Nine Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

  • Guilt
  • Anxiety

The appearance of the Nine of Swords can signify a period of worry and stress. The mind is burdened and sometimes sleep is affected by bad dreams or restlessness. These feelings could be caused by guilt or regret for past actions.

We should be careful not to worry unnecessarily; anxiety and mental stress can eventually cause physical damage.

More About Nine Of Swords Learn More About All The Meanings Of Nine Of Swords Tarot Card Upright Nine Of Swords Meaning

Voluntary seclusion. Religious trends You are in a situation where all thoughts hurt you. Your own mind has turned against you. Everything around you sinks. It is a time of strong internal conflicts. What has led you to this situation? Observe what thoughts you have hate, envy, or jealousy. You are the one who tortures yourself and can only help you if you stop doing it. There is no enemy except your own mind. Anemia lack of appetite fear of obesity. Nervous disorders Little or no sexual activity. Few sentimental relationships. Hurt thoughts, pain, war, despair.

Reverse Nine Of Swords Meaning

Imprisonment humiliation, misery and fear. The consultant should not allow others to abuse their good faith. Difficulty relating to the opposite sex. Shy. Sense of ridicule Danger of cysts in the ovaries. Good prospects for companies.

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