Eight Of Wands

All About Eight Of Wands, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Eight Of Wands Description

The Eight of Wands has a positive and productive energy. There is much activity, the wheels are in motion and everything seems to be going well.

Previous obstacles and challenges have been overcome and a period of excitement and optimism ensue.

The Eight of Wands often indicates overseas travel.

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Eight Of Wands Upright

Phone calls and letters. Commercial transactions or rural purchase. Possible trips. Comprehension time. Rapid progress and hasty decisions. Always an advance. Great tremendous force energy within you. Positive sense naivety and mistrust painful menstruation. Cysts in the ovaries, poor circulation. Large family intense love. Sexual relations somewhat violent. Passive adventure. Substantial profits, profitable sales, output of something that had taken a long time to overcome.

Eight Of Wands Reversed

Jealousy family fights, theft, embezzlement, loss of work, delayed or canceled trips, bad news. Destructiveness, negative attitude, misfortune, remorse that creates internal conflicts. Crazy sexual behavior. Danger of venereal diseases. Loving betrayal, rupture Temptations to be rejected. Sales that are not achieved. Seizures, loss of assets excessive debts.

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