Two Of Wands

All About Two Of Wands, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Two Of Wands Description

The Two of Wands represents a time in life when initial stages of a project have taken shape but there is a desire for expansion and growth. Often this desire is accompanied by a feeling of restlessness and a need to broaden ones horizons.

The Two of Wands can also indicate partnerships. One could consult with a professional or expert regarding future plans.

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Two Of Wands Upright

Successful prosperity. Goals that are achieved, business on the rise, success achieved after the fight, prosperity, property, collection of policy, car, mental progress. Proud and dominant person, sure of itself capable of undertaking large companies and imposing their opinion. Unrequited love. Much fertility and little pleasure, desires to flee, fear of serious relationships, financial obstacles. Remorse, frustration. Bad news, unpleasant visits. Physical plane.- Affections of the throat, tonsils, accident hazards due to shock or collision, tendency to abuse alcohol and food, Obesity.

Two Of Wands Reversed

Prudence with rivals, problems, impediments, pride, excess of ambition. Money obtained by bad means. Amazing news, good or bad, pleasant experiences but out of the ordinary. Hard delivery but with a happy ending. Reconciliation separation but without problems, correspondence or love messages. Accompanied by ace of golds or 10 cups an important sum of money.

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