Knight Of Wands

All About Knight Of Wands, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Knight Of Wands Description

The Knight of Wands is young, charming and elusive. He is hard to pin down because he is always off an adventure of some sort. This need to constantly seek new challenges and experiences means that he can be somewhat unreliable. However, his natural charm and optimism often mean he’ll be easily forgiven.

If the Knight of Wands represents a situation then the keyword is action. One should embrace their sense of adventure. Enthusiasm abounds with a desire embark on new challenges. This could even indicate a change of residence or maybe even setting up home in a new country.

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Knight Of Wands Upright

This card represents trips, surrounded by business, swords a forced trip and drinks a change of address, of other economic reasons. You radiate optimism and you are ideal for the position of boss and give orders, you are egocentric. Your well-marked dominant character makes you the center. When you're not, you get angry. And so you get all the looks directed towards you again. Your qualities vitality and strength weak points vanity and braggadocio. Wedding trip abroad marriage. Growth abroad, new economic possibilities or salary. Business trip.

Knight Of Wands Reversed

Embarrassing situations, breakage, fracture, separation and breakdown of relationships by trip, attempt to regain a frustrated love. Mistake when changing jobs, with losses, discussions in societies. Business closure, loss of employment.

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