Ten Of Wands

All About Ten Of Wands, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Ten Of Wands Description

Although our ambitions may be within reach, to find the Ten of Wands in a spread indicates that we may be taking on too many responsibilities.

In the workplace, delegation may be required to restore balance. We may feel as though we’re juggling many tasks, or juggling our work and personal life.

In situations like this something has to give as the burden becomes too great. Careful and clever action must be taken to reduce the demands being made of us. We shouldn’t take on any more responsibilities, especially those that belong to other or we risk becoming oppressed.

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Ten Of Wands Upright

Travel rewards, activity without limits, success and rewards, fame growth in business. Satisfying social life Hobby beyond normal development. Your energies have become unbalanced. The work is overflowing. Destruction despondency, exhaustion, Many activities. When this letter is presented, the work multiplies. Contrarieties deceptions and sentimental misadventures. Disagreements that interrupt work. A small incident or a family incomprehension will force you to repeat a job that you have finished.

Ten Of Wands Reversed

Malignant influences, deceptions and lies, envy that spoils life to others, unnecessary burdens, duplicity intrigue. Success and work will be threatened by betrayals.

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