Three Of Wands

Three Of Wands Card In Tarot - Tarot Card Meanings

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Three Of Wands

Three Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

  • Achievement
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Good Initial Results

The Three of Wands heralds a time when new projects have gotten off to a good start and a certain level of success has been achieved. One cannot rest on their laurels at this stage as there is still plenty of work to be done and many more plans to put in action.

There may be an opportunity for promotion or qualifications could be gained.

More About Three Of Wands Learn More About All The Meanings Of Three Of Wands Tarot Card Upright Three Of Wands Meaning

To flourish. Commercial dealings, collective enterprise (friend, boss, teacher, companion) that helps. The esoteric begins to see important. Useful knowledge Risky initiative, reemprendimiento of a company. Repeating exams New force, risky or forbidden loves. Homosexual relationships Profitable business but not legal. Lucky blow misused. Beauty, balance, control, flourish, harmony. Physical plane.- Pulmonary and respiratory tracts, nervousness, stress, and tension. Tachycardia, emotional instability.

Reverse Three Of Wands Meaning

Obstinacy, projects that fail, rejection for pride and arrogance. Renewal. Release of problems. Real recovery of forces. Relaxation good health and good looks. Emotional stability. Economic tranquility

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