Page Of Wands

All About Page Of Wands, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Page Of Wands Description

The appearance of the Page of Wands in a spread offers encouragement to the initial stirrings of creativity. One who is full of ideas may even begin to feel restless.

These initial glimpses of broader horizons must not be dismissed as mere fantasies. The energy which creates these stirrings should be harnessed and channeled.

A little motivation and planning is all that’s need to make these 'dreams' manifest into a reality.

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Page Of Wands Upright

Principle of renewal. Start something new. The letter of adolescence. You deliver yourself with great vitality to work and you like to order that you be subordinate. Your qualities are optimism and enthusiasm. Man and women under 21 years old, brown hair and light skin. Loyal and trustworthy person, but with mood changes (love, hate). Place the first stone in something that will later be completed. Good news. Health rheumatism arthritis. Money.- New employment strange professions. Extra earnings, working disposition. Recognition of superiors. Efficiency in what is ambitioned. Communication and language problems.

Page Of Wands Reversed

Bad news, displeasure, superficial and degrading person. Lack of judgment, moderation, immaturity, lack of foresight. Warns of bad companies or dangers. Health.- inflammations and muscular pains. Bone break intoxication. Love probabilities of deception, inconstant relationships, possessiveness, unfair employees, Bad relationships with superiors, inferiors.

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