King Of Wands

All About King Of Wands, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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King Of Wands Description

The King of Wands has a vibrant spirit, warm, generous and charismatic. He is enthusiastic and impulsive and throws himself into new projects and ideas. At worst he can be a little pushy and overbearing.

He’s no follower he’s a pioneer and often an inspiration to others. Like all fiery, creative types he is also possesses a hot head and wasn’t blessed with the virtue of patience.

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King Of Wands Upright

Abrupt, sudden, absolute change. Rupture of old beliefs, abandonment of past relationships. Pride, accidents, losses, hospitals, business losses, emotional breakdowns, ruin, attacks, fights, collapse, judicial persecution, imprisonment, break with friends or partners, exile, kidnapping, danger of fraud in purchase or rent, loss of sexual power, widowhood, announcement of a dismissal or collapse of a company. Locking in fixed ideas, situation that reaches an unsustainable point. A small setback or incident will happen to you that must be solved with slight material damages. Venereal disease, abortion, accident, loss of virility cancer, tumors or frigidity.

King Of Wands Reversed

Your capacity for enthusiasm is contagious. Passionate temperament. Represents mature married people with light skin and reddish brown hair. Success or term of a project. Represents the father, grandfather or people with authority. Fair and enterprising man, intelligent and responsible fatherly and well educated. Good friend who supports at all times (father, friend or older brother). Honest in everything he undertakes. Health.- Cutaneous affections, gout, varicose veins, poor circulation. Sexual capacity, birth of grandchildren. Economic settlement Monetary security Growth in employment.

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