Four Of Wands

All About Four Of Wands, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Four Of Wands Description

The Four of Wands often reflects a time when one can pause his efforts briefly and celebrate early rewards after a time of hard work. This could literally mean a short trip away.

One should remember that this should only be a short pause as there is more hard work ahead before achieving your final goals and ambitions.

The Four of Wands can also represent changes for the better. Feeling settled in ones environment whether that be in the home or the workplace; achieving a certain level of stability.

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Four Of Wands Upright

Successful work. Peace and harmony after the fight, progress after maximum dedication. Falling in love, rest after conflicts. Keep in mind the family and social demands. Your inner vital forces grow. In an orderly and harmonic way everything in you is directed upwards. Pact alliance, contract, signing of papers. Change of positive plans Recovery. Healing process, you will have to take care of other sick people. This letter represents marriage alliances and couples contracts. Fecundity and sex are assured. Planting stage, investment season. Time of payments. Fair and advantageous companies. Recovery of something lost. Support from colleagues. Your strength is generosity.

Four Of Wands Reversed

Unrequited love, confusion in any activity, obstacles and frustrations. Realization through tastes and hobbies. Popularity, success at your fingertips. Digestive, dental and gastrointestinal problems. Sex abuse False pregnancy alarm. Good sense of the economy thanks to the effort.

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