Queen Of Wands

All About Queen Of Wands, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Queen Of Wands Description

The Queen of Wands embodies loyalty and warmth. She is imaginative, passionate, creative and fiercely independent. Her strong-willed nature can sometimes spill over and become somewhat bossy.

The Queen of Wands is upbeat and fun and radiates positive energy. Quietly self assured she accomplishes all she sets out to do.

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Queen Of Wands Upright

She is the woman of the family, mother, grandmother, confidant, co-worker, hard-working secretary, tries to help others. Passionate temperament. He likes to travel to know other cultures, and ways of life. Commercial transaction. Approaching success in business or commercial activity. It focuses the psychic energies. Intelligent intelligent woman active and friendly, full of charms, rival with other women. Wife of an intellectual. In his relationship with others is characterized by being very fair. This letter ensures success in domestic things. Good purchase of occasion. Wisdom in the children and other components of the family. You will receive a small gift or confidence that will cause you great pleasure.

Queen Of Wands Reversed

Duplicity and jealousy, wrong imagination, domination and obstinacy. Emotional blackmail is used emotionally. Confusion and obstacles in the physical and material. Sentimental dislikes affect our health. We are exposed to a betrayal that will not reach its end.

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