Seven Of Wands

All About Seven Of Wands, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Seven Of Wands Description

The Seven of Wands in a spread can highlight a time where courage and renewed determination are required. One has worked hard to gain is current position and may need to stand his ground.

One will need to 'up their game' if they is to fight off the competition.

Others may challenge one’s rights and a certain level of assertiveness will be required.

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Seven Of Wands Upright

Good exams, inventions, perseverance in the success, success transcendent decisions, a lot of work activity. Good health. Good exchange of ideas. Promise of triumph in the future. Earnings. Negotiations word deals, sports skills. Happy marriage. Solid affective union. Long engagement. Emotional stability. Intuition for business. Good partners and coworkers. Joint earnings Pride can lead you to a dead end. You have to leave the pride and let the internal fire cool down. Your energy is blocked.

Seven Of Wands Reversed

Losses and confusion, negative experiences, doubts that lead to defeat near the goal. Excess commitments and many opportunities that you can not take advantage of. Fear of being deceived in love, need for the couple to take the initiative. Positive letter only for professional athletes. Negative letter for entrepreneurs and small companies.

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