Nine Of Wands

All About Nine Of Wands, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Nine Of Wands Description

When the Nine of Wands appears in a spread it usually warns of a time when a huge amount of inner strength will be required.

Even when we have been worn down with recent struggles and energy reserves are low still more determination is needed and our stamina is tested.

The strength is there if we looks deep enough; if there is a will then there will be a way.

There will be a clear stretch of productive, creative activity. Things will move swiftly in the direction they’re supposed to go.

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Nine Of Wands Upright

Good health, problematic changes. Unexpected delay Uneasiness for the future. Time in which we must act with prudence, clairvoyance and experience. You govern your vital forces. Muscle strain lesions in legs and hips, distant love, procrastination in amorous communications. The couple does not decide to take an important step. Someone thinks of the consultant. Delays in the collection of accidents that delay work. Temporary low, problems with business. With the power of nine of clubs you can help others.

Nine Of Wands Reversed

Subject that should be hidden. Beware of enemies. Poor health, stubbornness, unsustainable postures .. Misfortune obstacles and setbacks. Other or family disgrace. General malaise, need for tenderness, understanding and affection. Lack of incentives in sex. Delayed wedding. Late work due to the negligence of the consultant. Decrease in the quality of life.

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