Eight Of Cups

All About Eight Of Cups, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Eight Of Cups Description

The Eight of Cups signifies that one has given up and abandoned hope. A relationship may have reached a point of no return. One or the other of the parties has resigned to the fact that nothing more can be done and given up hope.

Often these feelings will result in a move when someone literally turns their back and moved on. This is not a happy card and such events could lead to depression and sadness. Although the energy of the Eight of Cups is melancholic, the decision to let go is voluntary. There are times when we must let go of the past so we can embrace the future.

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Eight Of Cups Upright

Abandonment, loss, You feel lonely, your heart has become hard and cold. Love has abandoned you. Accept the situation do not cling to the past, open yourself to the new. You have mental power. You need affection. Changes to something new and different. Modest woman of good feelings. Hard appearance but sweet and tender personality. Economic and moral support. Immunological capacity, The client should not abuse sexuality. Danger of poisoning. The consultant is shy in a sexual adventure. Adoption good profits after years of effort. Good relations.

Eight Of Cups Reversed

Relationship or emotional bond that ends in a dismal way, restlessness, depression, mourning, uncertain future and emptiness. Mediumistic. Alcohol or food congestion, suffocation, suffocation, abuse of pleasure, rheumatism, many romances, economic settlement, business in progress with good performance.

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