Three Of Cups

All About Three Of Cups, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Three Of Cups Description

The Three of Cups is a card of happiness, celebration and merriment. Friends old and new are gathered to toast either a wedding, christening, Christmas, Birthdays are whatever.

A social event where people are enjoying themselves, there’s chitter chatter and laughter and everyone’s in high spirits.

A relationship may achieve a new level of commitment.

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Three Of Cups Upright

tenderness sincerity. In love you are a tender and sensitive person. Improvement in all the factors that surround the client. Health and vitality renewed, birth, success in love, exit from what has us worried, augurs good term in business, indicates celebration, happy delivery. Happiness and fulfillment Victory healing and relief, organic improvement, compensated ideal weight, reestablishment of emotional sexual relations with the couple. The losses come to an end. Business that starts to bear fruit. Money recovery.

Three Of Cups Reversed

Egoism and sensuality, exploitation of the people around us; obesity, promiscuity, diseases associated with tobacco, excesses of food and alcohol. The opportunities should be exploited to the fullest. Pneumonia in winter, strong allergies in summer, excess spots and freckles on the skin. Sexual indecision, This card ensures economic stability.

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