Four Of Cups

All About Four Of Cups, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Four Of Cups Description

The Four of Cups suggests that there might be trouble in Paradise. It is a card of deflation and anti-climax. It can represent a mild depression brought on by feelings of disappointment.

A relationship that started with high hopes has hit a rocky patch. One of the parties may have let the other down. The reality of the union has not quite matched the expectations. Perhaps the expectations were unrealistic in the first place.

These feelings can also develop after childbirth and manifest as the baby blues.

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Four Of Cups Upright

HOPE, Deception, a relationship that leads to depression, displeasure and dissatisfaction, boredom, search for new goals or desires to change the family system or do something more stimulating. Difficulties, setbacks, obstacles, disastrous premonitions, psychic stagnation, scare fear, love, sorrows and sufferings for the loss of the couple or a loved one. Attempt suicide for love. Exaggerated materialism, losses, lack of economic illusions. Excessive conformity Ulcerations on the skin and in the stomach, need for sun.

Four Of Cups Reversed

Bitter experiences, serious dangers, fleeting pleasure, boredom. Discovery, novelty, great intuitive capacity, dreamlike premonition. Need for sexual fantasies, new marriage, New situations. The client should let himself be guided by his own intuition. Predisposition to diabetes. Pancreas affections.

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