Nine Of Cups

All About Nine Of Cups, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Nine Of Cups Description

The Nine of Cups is sometimes called the wish card and one of the most welcomed of the suit cards. When we experience the energy of this card we feel joyous, we’re over the moon and things couldn’t be better. This is a time when dreams and aspirations manifest and the rewards are sweet.

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Nine Of Cups Upright

Satisfaction and physical well-being, assured future and material success, clear and precise intellectual capacity, inclination to form societies and groups. Possible business association. Reward for efforts, improvements in family relationships. Formalization of a relationship. Fertility. True love, knowledge, Satisfaction for work done, excellent health even in old age, healthy life, honesty of feelings, wisdom in sexual intercourse. Total love. Economic awards, winnings in contests, important gifts. This letter heals the pains.

Nine Of Cups Reversed

Waste that leads to shortage of money, credit losses, abuse of hospitality, vain person. Parkinson's disease, delicate skin. Lack of communication in the marriage. Credits in disadvantageous conditions. Partial loss of capital. Maladministration

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