Queen Of Cups

All About Queen Of Cups, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Queen Of Cups Description

The Queen of Cups is in touch with her emotions, she is affectionate, sensual and truly feminine. She’s a man’s woman she knows what a man wants in a woman and can sometimes use her feminine wiles to her advantage.

The Queen of Cups is kind hearted, friendly and easy to talk to, she is a good listener and understands the emotions of others well. She is highly sensitive and intuitive. At worst she can be needy and insecure and can sometimes find herself playing the role of the mistress.

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Queen Of Cups Upright

Sacrifice capacity, Tendency to the mystical. Deep compassion and understanding Willingness to sacrifice one's own. Friendly kind woman with great power of seduction very intuitive sincere and creative, trustworthy. Love possible change, excellent health. Represents friendship, mother sister wife, coworker, trustworthy efficient secretary, generous lover. Procreation and creativity. Your great capacity for sacrifice makes you recognize the afflictions and needs of others. With great dedication you are willing to stay by the side of the sick or elderly people who are on the verge of death. You are ideal to meet the needs of the soul. U interest in the mystical and beyond issues makes it possible to offer comfort to the dying.

Queen Of Cups Reversed

Woman with a tendency to hysteria, a little perverse, of little confidence. Disease depression, delivery. It represents the natural and spontaneous work, the family, the social world.

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