King Of Cups

All About King Of Cups, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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King Of Cups Description

The King of Cups can often represent the man in our lives. He is affectionate and attentive and gives good advice. He may even be a counselor by profession as he is understanding and patient and easy to confide in.

The King understands the realms of feelings and emotion, he is an intensely passionate lover.

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King Of Cups Upright

Person over 35 years of age with dark hair and fair complexion. Of honest and extravagant virtuous character with business acumen, kind and considerate and good friend, with mental agility (can be the husband or the father). Good for the consultant. Businesses or companies that bear fruit. It represents maturity and triumph over aspects of life. Guaranteed love, earnings in old age, Give more money to earn than they receive. Physical plane.- Affections in the feet and hands, warts, fungi, cysts, lack of hygiene.

King Of Cups Reversed

Unscrupulous individual, dishonest, psychotic and violent, mental duality. People of a vicious and repulsive nature. Powerful enemies. Exposed to personal attacks. Attracted himself for hurting someone. Problems in any company or activity. Love.- deceit and frustration

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