Ten Of Cups

All About Ten Of Cups, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Ten Of Cups Description

The Ten of Cups symbolises permanence and emotional security. It can represent a successful marriage or a couple with a strong bond. Although this is a card of love it doesn’t represent the giddy feelings you get when you first fall in love, it’s more a unity built on deep mutual respect and trust.

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Ten Of Cups Upright

Stable lasting love. Good friendships Successful family life, psychic balance, stable and lasting relationship. Great love that spills. Universal patience. From the center of your heart you quietly let love flow into all things. Actually you do not need any lover. This letter is also the symbol of the great mother. She pours out her love on everything that exists. For reasons of health, it will be necessary to resort to acquaintances or family assets. Family interests condition feelings and health.

Ten Of Cups Reversed

Physical violence, brutality, strong altercations, friendships that are lost, physical and material psychic imbalance. You will receive news from a relative or credit institution regarding an issue or problem that directly affects your economy.

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