Six Of Cups

All About Six Of Cups, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Six Of Cups Description

The Six of Cups represents the past, influences or people. The suit of cups governs our emotions so if this card represents a person it will more than likely be an old flame re-entering our life.

It could also signify a present situation with roots in the past. Quiet time may be spent reminiscing over old memories or reflecting on past actions. A person could reappear from the past that triggers old feelings.

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Six Of Cups Upright

ostalgias of the past, pleasant memories, fulfilled desires, sowing of the past that today collects its fruits, fixation on habits, return of an old relationship. Being at the beginning of a love relationship, you have just fallen in love. Love blooms slowly. The consultant acts with lack of initiative, limited by family or society. Marriage between cousins ​​or relatives, by social commitment, Love without passion. Family heritage in danger of extinction. Lack of ideas in business. Rushed sale of land. Money that runs out. Intestinal sloth, constipation, varicose veins, cholesterol, inability to eliminate fats. Obesity flaccidity.

Six Of Cups Reversed

Vanity pride childish passions, can announce mourning or separation. Future vision. Fight for self-sacrifice self-sacrifice to achieve goals. Long time abroad. Second nuptials, change renewal or improvement of business.

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