Knight Of Cups

All About Knight Of Cups, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Knight Of Cups Description

When the Knight of Cups enters your life he brings with him a romance and sensitivity. A new lover may sweep you off your feet. This card symbolises love and attraction, a marriage proposal could also be indicated.

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Knight Of Cups Upright

Opportunities. A person over 21 years and under 35 dark hair and fair complexion. Indicates humility approach invitations, offers, proposals and opportunities. Travel for a prize or a scholarship. Something new is approaching. Wealth of ideas, superior power, seductive man, intelligent young man, amorous drunkenness, proposition of marriage. Artistic or poetic expression. Indicates critical analytical mentality. Offer of transfer, panic to the heights, cystitis. You offer your love to many people but few accept it, friendship before love. Favorable economic situation. Search for new jobs

Knight Of Cups Reversed

Trickery scam, embezzlement. Congenital lazy and lazy person. bad intention, difficult births, loss of a baby, ABORTION. Luck in love, domination over the couple, Desire to be widowed, Economic dependence of the couple, Ability to make the couple earn more money

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