Seven Of Cups

All About Seven Of Cups, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Seven Of Cups Description

When we experience the energy of the Seven of Cups we are often at a crossroads where there are several options to choose from. It represents our dreams and aspirations, and the potential to see them manifest. First we must make a choice and often this is the most important and difficult part of the journey.

The Seven of Cups warns us to take a step back and look at the options clearly, consider them realistically and choose our path wisely. Sometimes when the right decision isn’t obvious we can become confused, it’s important that we distinguish the real possibilities from the pipe dreams.

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Seven Of Cups Upright

Separation jealous. Your heart screams in pain your partner has left you, You feel jealous and abandoned, in your heart there is a storm and you torture yourself. Several options to choose from. Imaginative capacity, search of knowledge, constructive ideas, Money is not lavished in this letter but its influence indicates the possibility of promoting in your work. Intelligence will lead you to a good economic position. Triumph of love over matter. Great illusions that are fulfilled. Pains in the kidneys, urinary incontinence, old age.

Seven Of Cups Reversed

Fantasy self-deception, lack of balance, need to descend to lower levels to communicate with others. Social rejection. False promises, fear of success. Sexual relationships at a very old age. Personal sacrifices for loved ones, dignified poverty, Wisdom without recognition. Delivery to work without reward. Childhood diseases in adulthood.

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