Page Of Cups

All About Page Of Cups, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Page Of Cups Description

The Page of Cups is a gentle card and like all pages it represents beginnings. There may be news of a birth, which completely reflects the tenderness and newness symbolised in this card.

The energy of the Page of Cups can take shape as a new zest for life, a new love of oneself or a desire to better and achieve more.

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Page Of Cups Upright

Meditation. Persons under 21 years of age dark hair and light complexion, lovers of humanity. I work study, research and meditation. Announce a birth or wedding engagement. Indicates sensitive and imaginative young person, creative with capacity to love, that arises again when it was believed to be asleep. Invitation to reflective meditation. Incline to new projects. Sometimes you want to be right and you become insolent. Learning in love, excellent partner, independence and economic capacity. Favorable monetary situation. Myopia muscle weakness, claustrophobia, lack of vitamins, mental fatigue.

Page Of Cups Reversed

Person with tendency to singleness, selfish despotic and lazy, given to lies and slander. Irresponsible fun, temptation, bad sleep, insomnia, nightmares and migraines. Short-term marriage, emotional suffering, threat of ruin, money that does not pay Disproportionate expenses. Inability to contain the economy.

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