Five Of Cups

All About Five Of Cups, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Five Of Cups Description

The Five of Cups like all fives is not a particularly welcomed card. It represents loss on a personal and emotional level. A betrayal of some sort has caused the relationship to break down, although if there is a separation it would be temporary.

Although this card symbolizes sadness and disappointment there is still an element of hope. This relationship still has hope if both parties can forgive and forget and move on.

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Five Of Cups Upright

Sadness concerns, Possible separation, worries, fights, betrayal of loved ones, marriage with lack of love, commitments that break, abuse of trust. Fate hits you hard and takes you to depression. Your heart feels empty, you feel alone. Heritage legacy or favorable testament, pleasant surprise, satisfactions through the children. You will test your partner. Extra profits, compensations, smart purchase of plots houses. Diabetes problems, sunburn, burns and depression.

Five Of Cups Reversed

Wrong life, new alliance, anxiety for changes, problems with surprises, wrong way of life. Family harmony and with the couple, family business, economic security. Danger of congenital and hereditary diseases, embolism.

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