Ace Of Pentacles

All About Ace Of Pentacles, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Ace Of Pentacles Description

The Ace of Pentacles indicates a new a new job, a business or even a windfall. The raw energy in the Ace represents the driving force behind a productive phase when material achievement is attainable.

The Ace of Pentacles provides the energy, drive and ambition needed to launch a successful business venture.

The essence of this card is still material so we can rest assured that when we see this card there will be financial gain, even if it falls into our laps unexpectedly.

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Ace Of Pentacles Upright

Talisman of fortune, indicates wealth, success, growth, prosperity, marriage of guardians, financial changes, inheritance, cancels the bad vibrations of the other letters, with various figures, political activity. Definitive reconciliation. You keep your feet on the ground You have the strength to transform thoughts into effective actions. Growth, wealth and wellbeing surround you. People feel good by your side, because you radiate security. You are a sensible and balanced person. Accompanying the ace of golds and the sun will be a stroke of luck or inheritance that will earn you a lot of money

Ace Of Pentacles Reversed

Wound in the eye, falling from a considerable height, Fracture in the nasal septum, loss of teeth, and toothaches. Love marriage for interest. Difference of age in marriage. Marital litigation, money, greed not knowing what to spend the money on. Innecesary expenses.

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