Five Of Pentacles

All About Five Of Pentacles, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Five Of Pentacles Description

When we see the Five of Pentacles in a spread we should be careful with our finances. This card represents financial loss and money worries. Something of value may be lost or we may have to shell out a large sum of money for an unexpected bill. This card can also reflect a period of time when we are struggling to make ends meet and money is scarce on a day to day basis.

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Five Of Pentacles Upright

Concern. Material losses, poverty, dismissals, dismissals, dismissals, financial difficulties, adulterous loves. Complete material ruin you have lost everything you only have the little you can take with you, the disaster may be due to external circumstances or your own mistakes, Depression for the illness of a child. In love relationships the couple supports all kinds of tests. Negative letter for the money accompanied by the 9 of coins invested indicates us miserable economic situation, if it is of gold means expenses. Physical plane.- Hip fracture.

Five Of Pentacles Reversed

I stop for a long time, anxiety for economic losses, bad moments. Being a slave to circumstances, physical and moral poverty, lack of selfishness, precarious health, myocardial infarction, physical decrease, problems in the spine. Inability to love yourself or your fellow human beings. Self contempt, marriage without love, begging, failure in business, business and work

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