King Of Pentacles

All About King Of Pentacles, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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King Of Pentacles Description

The King of Pentacles is a worldly man with a knack for success and material achievement. He lives the good life and enjoys fine wine and dining and high quality threads. He can be somewhat showy and his self confidence may lead him to brag about his material possessions.

Essentially the King of Pentacles is a good man who can teach us how to lay solid material foundations and demonstrate how to generate wealth and prosperity.

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King Of Pentacles Upright

Mature man, over 35 years old blond hair and fair complexion, noble and realistic character, does not waste any money and may end up in stinginess. With experience and great future, power and psychic ability and to get money Awareness of responsibility, fulfillment of duty. Authority over all things, real friendship, time of stability, predisposes for business and for finances, agreed marriage one puts money another youth and beauty. You must open yourself more to others. So as not to end up with depression. Polyps or cysts removed in time with tests, love cold relationship lack of appetite with the couple.

King Of Pentacles Reversed

Corrupt and abusive character instability on a physical and psychic level, Depravity, alcoholism and drug addiction in extreme extremes, Affective union for criminal purposes. Economic profits by corrupt means Attempt large scale fraud, robberies and assaults.

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