Ten Of Pentacles

All About Ten Of Pentacles, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Ten Of Pentacles Description

The Ten of Pentacles represents material security and prosperity. Solid foundations have led to sustainable wealth. Often this wealth has close ties to the home and family so this card can indicate a family business or a property or even an inheritance.

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Ten Of Pentacles Upright

Wealth, balance, inheritance or investment prospers, purchase of property. Economic security within the home. It can be money based on the work of others. It indicates good social position, above all high reputation and social seriousness, social progress and positive evolution. Luck in inheritance, future new friendships, useful, new home equity increases. You will receive good news regarding the family, children or parents, related to a good business or equity increase. It also indicates old age, boredom having everything. You are sitting in your golden cage and would like to be free like a bird.

Ten Of Pentacles Reversed

Problems with wills, litigation, economic disagreements within the family. Mental illness and material dejection.

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