Queen Of Pentacles

All About Queen Of Pentacles, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Queen Of Pentacles Description

The Queen of Pentacles is a woman of the world, her ambitious yet practical nature have helped her to accomplish many things. She can offer good, practical advice and give you the benefit of her vast professional experience.

This lady likes the finer things in life and thinks nothing of indulging herself and others close to her in life little luxuries.

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Queen Of Pentacles Upright

Represents over 35 years of blond hair and fair complexion. Rich but slightly sensual woman. With a lot of imagination. Noble character and triumphant, quiet homelike. You can trust yourself. You're smart. But sometimes you feel insecure and afraid. You can not stand the mess. Being useful, practically mind, feeling overwhelmed by the situation. Health Polyps and the appearance of cysts and tumors that must be removed in time. Cold emotional relationships, lack of sexual appetite with the couple, marriage for interest. Ability to get wealth.

Queen Of Pentacles Reversed

Shy resignation bitterness. People of corrupt and abusive character. Mental illnesses alcoholism and drug addiction. Use of the couple to get rid of economic obligations. Economic gains through corrupt means. Economic immorality, robberies assaults. Attempt of fraud on a large scale. If the 5 golds 5 swords or 9 inverted clubs appear, you will receive a punishment.

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