Nine Of Pentacles

All About Nine Of Pentacles, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Nine Of Pentacles Description

The Nine of Pentacles symbolizes wealth and success, there is a sense of self satisfaction and contentment. This is a really positive and attractive card; the period of time it represents should be relished. On a financial level it doesn’t get much better, this could be due to a windfall or the simply the ripe fruits of labor.

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Nine Of Pentacles Upright

BENEFITS. You have reached great wealth and have been favored with beauty. You want to take a trip or start a business. You are full of life and dynamism. Physical fitness, maturity and security ;, unexpected money, monetary contracts, inheritances, although it indicates loneliness for the individual. Letter of affirmation, if the letters are positive affirm the positive if they are negative affirm the negative. , leads healthy life unbeatable health, positive influences, to achieve sexual and emotional goals, business operations that come to fruition, expected earnings with positive outcome.

Nine Of Pentacles Reversed

Doubtful conduct dirty money stolen, scam, reflects greed, disillusionment disappointment, fracture of the femur, tibia or fibula, shock care with risky physical practices. Run over. Infidelity and little respect towards the couple. Destruction of the home, economic irresponsibility, ghost companies, vain dreams.

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