Page Of Pentacles

All About Page Of Pentacles, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Page Of Pentacles Description

The Page of Pentacles represents the time in our life when we plan our careers or work life and start. We decide where we would like to study what career path we’d like to follow and then we set the plan in motion. The Page of Pentacles can also indicate that there’ll be good news regarding exam results or promotion.

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Page Of Pentacles Upright

Young person, who loves beauty faces life safely and is aware of its value, is realistic and knows how to work as a team. They are people under 21 years of blond hair and light complexion, they are unwrapped. Sincere person, conscious and studious, gracious and kind. In the love of the couple capacity for work and business, high economic collection. Gain in games of chance. Physical plane.- Tendency to contagious, skin weakness, reaction to insect bites. The client seeks refuge in the love of the couple.

Page Of Pentacles Reversed

Unpaid debts, waste person, with little dignity and harmony, waste but will recover from their losses with luck and skill, sumptuousness, superficiality, rupture of ligaments and meniscus, chronic osteoarthritis, bad luck in love, abandonment, constant confrontations in marriage.

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