Six Of Pentacles

All About Six Of Pentacles, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Six Of Pentacles Description

The Six of Pentacles is a Karmic card, it symbolizes the rewards we reap when we grow good seeds. We could find ourselves on the receiving end of good will and generosity by way of a gift or assistance. We may even be called upon to show generosity to others. This is a card of sharing, giving and receiving.

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Six Of Pentacles Upright

SUCCESS. Nobility, power and success, kindness. Economic solvency gifts and prizes. You have succeeded in achieving the peak of material well-being. You relate in a casual way with money and possessions do not cling to them. You let your money flow and you remain open to everything. If you invest and you make a mistake it does not matter because money flows and returns again and again. Lack of surrender in love lack of interest for children, disregard for the couple, divorce and separation for boredom.

Six Of Pentacles Reversed

Lost for theft or carelessness, waste, presumption or insolence, lost for reasons too generous. Breaking of ribs cowardice to diseases, sick jealousy, insecurity, unable to sacrifice for the couple, purchase of stolen items, the consultant must leave the business for lack of payment.

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