Three Of Pentacles

All About Three Of Pentacles, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Three Of Pentacles Description

The Three of Pentacles indicates that a period of hard work will be rewarded. Achievements will gain the recognition they deserve and the material rewards will follow. Although this card symbolizes a stage of completion we should remember that this initial success must be followed up with more hard work. We cannot rest on our laurels and become complacent.

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Three Of Pentacles Upright

WorkFama appointments. Titles, jobs, construction, fortune increases, good luck, increase of material and commercial goods. Love.- mutual trust in sentimental relationships. Triumph in his profession. With ace or king in a straight position, you will receive financial aid. Nobility, respect for the given word. Seriousness in the deal. Good health physical strength. Danger of hernias do not carry weight. You work in the construction of your material life and you get results. You know what it is to work as a team. Your house has a stable foundation. Patience caution and not deviating from the plans outlined are the best guarantees of success. It tells us that the material existence is built stone by stone and you should not start the house by the roof.

Three Of Pentacles Reversed

Lack of experience and knowledge, evasion of responsibilities, breach of commitments. Health.- Dislocation of the elbows, fracture of wrists or ankles. Love - crazy relationships, premature marriage.

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