Four Of Pentacles

All About Four Of Pentacles, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Four Of Pentacles Description

The Four of Pentacles represents an unrealistic fear of losing money which can leads to a miserly and materialistic attitude. We need to let go of possessive attitudes and remember that material wealth is not a measure of self worth.

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Four Of Pentacles Upright

PODER. Long-term investment, gift giving, Marriage for convenience, physical prowess, promotion, increased purchasing power by greedy means, projects with good omens. Energy loss sexual disagreements. Search of the real man. Exaggerated savings. Astuteness for business. Good charter for athletes, TAX DISGRAVATION.

Four Of Pentacles Reversed

Greed mistrust, suspicion, fear of failure, little originality. You can spend a short time in jail. health.- fracture in the jaw, ingestion of corrosive agents. Sexual perversions. Attempt to marry a person of better economic position. Money.- Business closure, fines. Attempt of bribery. Positive letter for small time thieves.

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