Seven Of Pentacles

All About Seven Of Pentacles, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Seven Of Pentacles Description

The Seven of Pentacles symbolizes important decisions that need to regarding a work situation. There could be a proposition that creates a work dilemma. Do we risk past hard work and rewards for the possibility of something bigger and better? There is a sense of success about this card but it is long term success and perseverance and determination are required to achieve it.

It’s important that the right choices are made, where we find ourselves in time to come will be a result of good and bad choices made now.

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Seven Of Pentacles Upright

FAILURE. A part of your property has been lost. Now try to avoid falling into resignation. The situation is not hopeless and you will change the course. Progress reconstruction hard work, fast learning, Good economic position, growth in work, gains in gambling, charitable works without starting, rewards, decent work, positive influence. Stones in the kidneys, deep dark circles, normal health but sick appearance. Love and respect for the family, delivery without conditions, emotional and sexual innocence, money positive changes in personality, wealth.

Seven Of Pentacles Reversed

Financial problems, laziness, abundant losses in gambling, unfulfilled promises. Indecision, lack of security, premature aging, fear anxiety and distrust, towards the couple, panic to the loving delivery, economic anxiety, restlessness for the lack of money, valuable opportunities that have been overlooked

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