Knight Of Pentacles

All About Knight Of Pentacles, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Knight Of Pentacles Description

The Knight of Pentacles is a hard working soul, he is quiet and humble and reliable. He may not be too imaginative but it’s his patience and perseverance that will lead him to his achievements. This card can signify a phase when we should embody these traits and use hard work and determination to ensure that our own dreams and aspirations are achieved.

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Knight Of Pentacles Upright

Perseverance in the fight, realistic person. Ambitious and somewhat intriguing, tenacious in the struggle to succeed and achieve material goods. Person over 21 years and under 35 years of blond hair and fair complexion. Travel for pleasure. Visual astigmatism and deficiency. Sexual and affective apathy. good health. Triumphs and economic conquests, ability and perseverance to achieve the proposed economic goals. Suggestions or ideas that other people can transmit will help you.

Knight Of Pentacles Reversed

Be complacent timid, but greedy distrustful and greedy, favorable letter to ambitious players, for people who handle money from others. Excessive laziness discouragement, anxieties and worries, chronic acne, physical or surgical sterility, emotional apathy, disengagement of the children, avoidance of emotional responsibilities, economic dependence on a wealthy friend, air of greatness, idleness.

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