Two Of Pentacles

Two Of Pentacles Card In Tarot - Tarot Card Meanings

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Two Of Pentacles

Two Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

  • Fluctuation
  • Prudence

The Two of Pentacles represents a period of time when we have to 'juggle' our finances in order to maintain a balance. Small amounts of money may become available just at the right time. We may feel as though we’re borrowing from Peter to pay Paul but if the balance can be maintained then the financial prospects look positive.

During these times it’s best to remain prudent and refrain from overspending.

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Change. Warning not to be seduced. Possible theft, informal friendships, unfulfilled promises, problems in the monetary, businesses that need care and prudence. You face life lightly. Departure to new companies. Good time to start a trip. It indicates that through internal balance and attention, obstacles and difficulties can be recognized and overcome in a casual way. Indicate temptations Medical malpractice, fall or accident. Sexual immaturity does not recognize true love. New beginning, dynamism, lightness, tension obstacles.

Reverse Two Of Pentacles Meaning

Beware of accidents at work, intoxication and alcohol, debts, little effort, inability to work and to know how to conduct business. A mor.- temporary sexual repression, judicial summons, to deal with debts of suspension of payments. Requirements papers.

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