All About Judgement, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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Judgement Description

The Judgement card represents a time when we must assess the whole picture and take everything into consideration so we can make a well thought out and clear decision. We mustn’t be biased or subjective, instead we have to make a judgement using rationale and clear logical thinking.

The Judgement card brings promise and changes for the better but the catalyst for change is realization and big decision making. Without making this decision we cannot progress.

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Judgement Upright

It announces a time of changes that lead to a new situation, stagnant for a long time. New marriage Sentimental Reconciliation Favorable judgment in lawsuits and trials. Birth of new ideas, popularity and the gift of divination. desires of immortality, visualization of entities, changes of address, work, or environment, Regeneration or abandonment of vices. Physical plane.- Rheumatism and kidney stones. Something new appears in your life, you no longer feel locked in but you are part of the universe.

Judgement Reversed

It warns that a time of reproaches is approaching, for having lost opportunities in the past. Judgments with delays, delays, delays, lack of moral values, enemies, lack of help, loss of judgment, divorce separation, possible robbery, monetary loss, next to death trial by inheritance. Desire for fame and popularity. Be in oppressive environments. It can also represent obfuscation, doubts and arguments

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