The Tower

The Tower Card In Tarot - Tarot Card Meanings

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The Tower

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

  • Disruption
  • Crisis

The Tower is possibly the most feared card of the whole deck. It brings unexpected disruption and knocks our security. This card represents disaster and catastrophic events such as redundancy, the collapse of a marriage or a confrontation that leads to some sort of breakdown elsewhere.

This is the downfall of all that is flimsy and false, therefore, the Tower has an element of cleansing. Only that which is of true substance and importance will be left standing.

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Abrupt, sudden, absolute change. Rupture of old beliefs, abandonment of past relationships. Pride, accidents, losses, hospitals, business losses, emotional breakdowns, ruin, attacks, fights, collapse, judicial persecution, imprisonment, break with friends or partners, exile, kidnapping, danger of fraud in purchase or rent, loss of sexual power, widowhood, announcement of a dismissal or collapse of a company. Locking in fixed ideas, situation that reaches an unsustainable point. A small setback or incident will happen to you that must be solved with slight material damages. Venereal disease, abortion, accident, loss of virility cancer, tumors or frigidity.

Reverse Tower Meaning

It represents continuous oppression, the practice of old routines, or the inability to feel interest in any profitable change. Mental imbalances, imprisonment, persecution for political ideas, something unfortunate business, delay in everything that is desired. Things rush irremediably.

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