The Hierophant

The Hierophant Card In Tarot - Tarot Card Meanings

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The Hierophant

The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

  • Guidance
  • Mentor

The Hierophant may appear as someone we turn to for advice and guidance, often on a spiritual level. The Hierophant could be a professional or someone to whom we feel a spiritual connection. We may feel so in tune with this person that it’s as if we’ve known them in a past life.

More About The Hierophant Learn More About All The Meanings Of The Hierophant Tarot Card Upright Hierophant Meaning

Master who symbolizes the sense of duty and moral conscience. Benevolence, well-being, calmness. Principle of adaptation, revelation, The rationalized conscious, knowledgeable of all mysteries, perseverance, intellectual tradition. Benevolent character, security and protection, knowledge of the occult, businesses and companies that survive with many sacrifices Science and religion, guidance, singleness, person who can not find the right person. Search for specialist, doctor, lawyer. Public people as politicians, the father, chief, judges and guides. You want to find answers to your questions, you want someone to listen to you and be able to instruct you. You are willing to seek help.

Reverse Hierophant Meaning

Incomprehension. Sentenced, moralist. Mistrust in all fields, acts as a bad counselor, lack of ethics, prejudice, love .- manipulation, material .- greed, corruption, bribery. Impotence before problems of the life, low instincts, bad advice, disharmony in the family.

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