The Lovers

All About The Lovers, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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The Lovers

The Lovers Description

When we see the Lovers card in a spread we can be sure that important choices in love will be made. We may have to choose between two lovers or love and a career. Whatever the choice you can bet it’ll be of importance.

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Lovers Upright

It represents the feeling of physical love engendered by spiritual love, the elevation of man. The search for one's self, choice, test, can indicate, marriage, commitment, strong decisions on the material, spiritual or emotional level, choice between good and evil, struggle between the physical and spiritual. Start of a relationship, examination, tests passed, attraction for the forbidden for married people. With the crazy infidelity, in the labor or commercial field rivals, enemies. Indecision when selecting a job, business or choice of friends, conflict mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. It also indicates a person who puts feelings before the material. physical plane.- narcissism, kidneys, breasts, testicles, tonsils

Lovers Reversed

Dangerous temptation, Frasco in the test, separation. Sexual aberrations, conjugal fights, inability to love, divorce separation in a demeaning manner, anonymous scandals. Wrong decision, impossible promises.

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