The Hermit

All About The Hermit, One of The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

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The Hermit

The Hermit Description

The Hermit signifies a period of introspection and withdrawal. Sometimes we need to withdraw from a situation and take some quiet time alone to collect our thoughts. During this time of reflection we need  to assess that which is important to us, evaluate our journey so far and identify where we have gone wrong and what we can improve upon.

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Hermit Upright

It symbolizes prudence, vigilance, discretion, caution. Search for the truth Domain of Light and spirituality. You move away from the hustle to be alone with you. You do not want to separate yourself from your loneliness. Prudence and wisdom. Search for knowledge, meditation, austerity, meditating on projects, listening, solutions, slow. Withdrawal and restraint, taking things calmly, person who pursues spirituality, trip to the interior, solitude, self-denial, spirit of sacrifice, arcane that symbolizes religious, psychologists, parapsychologists, scholars, spiritualists, naturalists, can mean with other letters people of old age, person who lives with little money, singleness, renounce sexual life. Physical plane.- ankles, feet, insomnia.

Hermit Reversed

Shows a failure caused by recklessness or precipitation, a negative trend. Avarice, stinginess, Illumination that leads to imbalance, waste, deaf ears to advice, sick loneliness, economic losses

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